How to tackle the top 5 sins in the office

A study in 2015 carried out by Professor Stephen Westland of the University of Leeds found that the top 5 distractions in the work place add up to a combined loss of £250m each year. With the rising cost of office space tackling these distractions could help to save your business a small fortune.


  1. Loud Talkers – With the cost of office space rising it is not an uncommon sight in the modern office environment to find colleagues and different departments sitting closer together. Staff will naturally converse, making it near impossible for staff not involved in the conversation to concentrate and be productive. Try setting up glass partitions in the office, it will help to divide the different departments whilst creating a modern aesthetic.


  1. The Phone! – If your office has a sales or administration team presently, they are likely to be on the phone, with the fluctuation of incoming and outgoing calls it can be near impossible to mediate. Try installing glass office partitions to create a separate office for your telephone based roles. They are easy and simple to install requiring minimal or no room modifications and help with noise cancellation.


  1. Unnecessary Meetings – The majority of us have experienced an unproductive meeting, unfortunately these seem to happen quite regularly, perhaps it is not surprisingly that 3.6 is the amount of days that an employee feels as if they have achieved something. To combat this, try fixing a set time in the week to hold your meeting, to discuss all aspects of your business. Looking to invigorate your meeting room? Check out our blog on ‘How to build your own Creative War Room’.


  1. Checking Emails. Emails once the revolution of the business world, now contribute in a negative way internally to organisations. The findings suggest that 22 minutes is the amount of time between staff go between checking emails and 95% of employees receive up to 100 email a day. Over 50% of those surveyed claimed that they spend on average 2 hours a day checking emails. Luckily there are ways to combat this, by turning off email notifications and focusing on other tasks, allocate a time in the day to read and reply to your emails.


  1. Tea!: A stable in every British office, there’s no denying it’s importance, however the time to make each cup can vary greatly add in a biscuit and a couple of colleagues and this can take sizable chunks out of the day. Try creating a weekly tea rota in each department, it has been suggested that we can work for up to 90 minutes without needing a break, the rota will help to keep the productivity levels going across the day.


If you find that your office environment is overcome by distractions get in touch to discuss using glass office partitions to create a modern aesthetic whilst helping to reduce noise and ultimately the main distractions.