Suspended Ceiling Installation

When it comes to providing a pleasant environment – whether for guests, visitors, clients or employees – you can’t afford to forget about the ceiling.  Since fixed, permanent ceilings can be expensive, many buildings in the past didn’t bother with them. This is why suspended ceiling have become so popular over the last 5 decades. They are a relatively cheap way to hide the ugliness of a building’s essential pipes and wiring.

When it comes to finding a company to carry out your suspended ceiling installation, there’s no better choice than Ace Interiors.

Why Ace Interiors?

Ace Interiors have carried out suspended ceiling installations for businesses large and small all over the Cambridgeshire area for many years. This has given us the experience to tackle any job, no matter how complicated, with a professionalism and efficiency that our clients really appreciate.

By working closely with our clients in the planning stage, Ace Interiors can create a suspended ceiling system to meet their every need. You might want a suspended ceiling that’s more fire resistant or easy to clean. You might need extra lighting fitted during the installation. Whatever it is you need from a suspended ceiling installation, Ace Interiors can provide it.

What materials do we use for suspended ceiling installation?

The material we use for your suspended ceiling installation is determined by what you want from a suspended ceiling and the environment where it will be installed.

These are the main materials we use:

  • Mineral fibre – one of the oldest materials used for suspended ceilings, these can be pretty basic and that’s reflected in the price. However, mineral fibre tiles can be enhanced, for example, if you need increased acoustic performance or perhaps extra fire resistance.
  • Mineral wool – this lightweight material is very easy to install, so is great for businesses that want to minimise disruption in the workplace. They are also good insulators and can help reduce energy bills.
  • Plasterboard – remarkably durable for its price, with good fire protection. Has good acoustic qualities and considered by many to be the most aesthetically pleasant.
  • Metal – there are plenty of reasons you might want a metal suspended ceiling. They have good humidity resistance and are easy to clean, making them the first choice for areas where hygiene is essential. They are also very durable, generally lasting more than 25 years, making them a good investment.

Still have questions about our suspended ceiling installation? We’d be happy to answer them. Just get in touch today to speak to one of our refurbishment experts.

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