Relocating your office? Here’s your office move checklist

So you’ve found your new premises, signed the lease. Congratulations! However, there is still much still to consider, below we have complied a checklist to help you get started on the big move, it may also help to flag some crucial pieces of information that you may not have considered.

Health & Safety

At the beginning of your planning you’ll need to take into consideration The Construction and Design Management Regulation 2015 which came into force in April 2015. This requires that all commercial clients are to have a significant involvement in the running of any office refurbishment project, especially the health and safety aspects.

When planning an office refurbishment regardless of the size, there are many parts to consider, from your budget to what tradesmen/ resources to use. However, the principle designer will work closely with you in planning your ideal design.

Building Regulations

If you are planning significant changes to your building, then planning permission, building regulations and even an asbestos R&D survey will need to be considered. It is best to consider these asap as they may have an impact on your timeline.

 Floor Planning

How are you best utilising your space? Through a blue print of your building? Or a 3D visual from your office design company?

Whatever tool you are using it is important to think about the whole office space available. Can you be creative with the space? Think about creating informal breakout rooms and meeting rooms along with individual offices, the reception and kitchen area. Remember although it is important to think about your current needs it is equally as important to plan for your business’s future needs.

 Brand Recognition

Whatever the size of your business, office refurbishments are a significant investment, as such you need to ensure that your new environment communicates the business ethos and brand throughout the space. Think about the choice of colours used throughout the office for both the walls and furniture try and get them to correlate in line with the company’s colours.

IT Requirements

Have you thought about your IT infrastructure? It is important to plan where your printer and photocopier locations are going to be. Then build individual workstations and offices around these locations, as they will all require network cabling as well as floor boxes and power sockets.

Looking for something a bit different? Think about your meeting rooms would you use video conferencing or even touch screen technology? If so, it is important to communicate these ideas with your designer.

Furniture & Storage

It is essential that you plan the layout of your new environment regardless of whether you are buying new or keeping existing furniture so that you are able to maximise every square foot of office space.

TIP: Shop around to get advice on the best products and materials for your office furniture and don’t forget to plan for your future needs, what currently works now may not in 12 months’ time!

Your Final 10 step checklist

  1. Secured an office move date – Check
  2. Planning meeting with removal company – Check
  3. Moving meeting with IT/telecoms providers – Check
  4. IT equipment & office furniture correctly labelled and ready for the move – Check
  5. New office furniture ordered and scheduled to arrive at new office – Check
  6. Office refurbishment signed off – Check
  7. Staff briefed on move – Check
  8. All office equipment packed – Check
  9. Office move – Check
  10. Relax and enjoy your new office! – Check


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