Office Shelving

A well-organised office is essential if business is to run efficiently and productivity is to be kept high. When it comes to keeping an office organised there’s one thing that’s a must – shelving. Even in the digital age, without the physical storage space offered by shelving; an office will soon become cluttered and disorderly.

Shelving can be very cost-effective and quick to put up, but careful consideration is still needed in the design stages to make sure it complements the décor of the office and is as functional as possible.

Ace Interiors can help you plan every aspect of your office shelving system, from the materials used to where it would best fit, so why not get in touch today to discuss what you’d like done?

A professional service

Office shelving isn’t as simple as a bit of Sunday afternoon DIY. To begin with you don’t have to worry about health and safety regulations at home. Falling objects, particularly from heights, is one of the main causes of accidents in the workplace, so it’s vital that professionals carry out the planning and construction of office shelving.

Ace Interiors can take care of making sure that all office shelving is safe and secure enabling your staff to carry out their job better.

Why choose Ace Interiors for office shelving?

It’s no secret that Ace Interiors doesn’t deal exclusively with shelving – we specialise in offering an all-round refurbishment service. So why shouldn’t you choose someone who deals solely with shelving?

Say for example you want extra lighting fitted around your shelving so that employees can easily find what they need – a company only specialising in shelving is unlikely to be able to help you with your lighting problem. Ace Interiors on the other hand offers a turnkey solution that means we take care of everything from start to finish. You don’t have to waste your time or money on calling out more contractors to tie up loose ends.

Building a working relationship

Even if you don’t need any ‘extras’ you can be sure that Ace Interiors will offer a professional service as good as any other. How can you be so sure? We want to develop relationships with our customers so that if they need any further refurbishment done in the future they’ll come straight to us. We can only do this by providing outstanding service at competitive prices. So that’s exactly what we do.

For an obligation free quotation please feel free to get in touch. You can contact us by telephone: 0800 8 600 600, email: or by completing our contact form.