Office Interiors

What makes a good, productive office? Some things are obvious: effective management, hard-working employees, and the necessary technology to perform tasks efficiently all play their part in making an office run smoothly. There’s no doubt, however, that office interiors can contribute an enormous amount to how productive an office is. With that in mind ask yourself this: could your office interiors be holding back your business from realising its full potential?

Why Choose Ace Interiors?

Rather than looking for multiple contractors to meet the multiple demands of office interior refurbishment, why not rely on Ace Interior’s turnkey solution? Our comprehensive collection of services – from electrics to decoration and everything in between – could help you save time, money and a great deal of hassle.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your plans or challenges for an office fitout with our office design experts. Here’s just a small taste of what we offer when it comes to office interiors:


There’s no doubt that inadequate lighting can make tasks harder and more time consuming to perform. In extreme cases, poor lighting could even pose a health risk due to excessive eyestrain. Therefore in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act it can even be seen as legal requirement to provide appropriate lighting. However, you shouldn’t need the law to convince you of the benefits of good lighting.

Ace Interiors has 3 main priorities when it comes to lighting:

  • Provide practical lighting that meets the needs of your office.
  • Ensure the lighting fixtures are aesthetically pleasing – this could well mean trying to keep them out of sight altogether.
  • Keep costs as low as possible – both during the initial fittings and also by using energy efficient solutions to reduce electricity bills in the future.

Lighting Gallery

Please click on the image below to open up a gallery showcasing examples of our lighting installations.


Employees work best when they have their own space and aren’t exposed to the distractions of a typical office. We can meet the needs of any office that wants to maximise their available space, small or large, with a number of different solutions.

  • Office partitions – whether in plasterboard, glass or metal, office partitions can be the quickest and most cost-effective way of creating office spaces. Depending on the material, partitions can counter against visual and audible distractions.
  • Office screens – if you aren’t able to give your employees individual offices but still want to try and create an environment where distractions are minimised office screens are ideal.
  • Mezzanine floors – if your ceiling or roof is high enough a mezzanine floor could be a fantastic way of squeezing as much space out of your premises as possible, whether for storage or productivity.
  • Racking and shelving – this effective storage method allows you to keep clutter off of desks, which should hopefully allow employees to be more organised.


The way your office is decorated says a lot about your business, and has the potential to influence possible clients or affect your staff’s morale.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your office’s aesthetic appeal is considered at all stages of the interior refurbishment, allowing a well decorated office to be anything but a luxury.

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