Looking to create a positive working environment? Try glass partitions

Judith Heerwagen’s research has highlighted a direct link between productivity and the workplace. Judith focuses on three main points,

  1. “A building can positively affect ability by providing comfortable ambient conditions, by enabling individual control and adjustment of conditions, and by reducing health and safety risks. Negative impacts on ability to do work are associated with conditions that are uncomfortable, distracting, hazardous or noxious.”
  2. “A building can positively affect motivation by providing conditions that promote positive affective functioning, psychological engagement and personal control. Moods create the ‘affective context’ for thought processes and behaviors and are directly tied to motivation.”
  3. “A building can affect opportunity by providing equitable access to conditions that reduce health and safety risks, equitable access to amenities and compensatory design options where inequities exist and are difficult to eliminate entirely.”

A quick and cost effective way to transform your workplace into a beacon of positivity is to install glass partitions. Glass partitions help to increase the amount of natural light dispersion throughout the office environment, which in turn helps to create a sense of openness and raise employee satisfaction levels.

Incorporating colour into the workplace is another simple but effective way to increase both positivity and productivity. Brighter colours work best as they help to emulate a natural environment, but be sure to pick the correct colour to suit your specific type of work. Unsure of what it is? Check out our blog to help you decide. (insert link to other blog)

Below is a list of colours that can be used in any workplace and their associated effects on employee moods,

Pink: has been proven to lessen feelings of discouragement, aggression and loneliness, making it an excellent choice for rooms where your employee’s relax and re-charge.

Yellow: helps to promote clear thinking when making decisions, ideal for the boardroom.

Blue: is a cooling and calming colour which helps with creative thinking – making it perfect for a high stressed environment such as tele sales.

Red: enhances feelings of strength and increased energy, it is also associated with a sense of achievement.

Orange: helps boost self-esteem and ease emotions, making it great for the staff room or canteen.

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