Creating an office as innovative as Google

Google buildings are world famous for being centres that foster both innovation and creativity. But it isn’t just what Google creates that is innovative, the layout of their offices are crucial in creating a fun, productive and satisfying place to work.

There are 10 important elements to consider when looking to create a similar environment to Google.

1 – Noise Control: Employees are less distracted when they have a level of control over the noise in their environment.

2 – Nature: Incorporating nature into the office helps to echo the outside environment, helping employees to feel relaxed and more creative. Glass partitions help to increase natural daylight into the office creating a sense of openness.

3 – Air Quality: Ensure that your central heating / air conditioning unit and ventilation system are checked regularly. Also try and hire maintenance and cleaning staff to help maintain your new high standards.

4 – Colour: As we have mentioned echoing nature is very important, so when it comes to colour it is important to use lighter shades to help keep the room bright it also creates a sense of openness. For the right colour to match your business check out our blog (insert link to relevant link).

5 – Office Temperature: 21.6 C has been reported as the ideal office temperature with productivity dropping by 1-2% for every Celsius below that.

6 – Human Factors: Encourage your staff to walk around the office and go outside, this will ultimately help raise productivity levels within your employees.

7 – Sensory Change: As well as low temperatures, sudden changes in light and sound can contribute to a drop in productivity and overall staff satisfaction. For ideal lighting try and aim for daylight this will help to keep your employees productive and satisfied.

8 – Openness: Create bright, lighter spaces with high ceilings to create a sense of openness. This is important as research suggests that men are more likely to feel crowded than women.

9 – Employee Engagement: By creating an office environment that features both visibility and openness it helps to encourage employee mobility, which in turn allows employees to connect and collaborate across different departments.

10 – Choice: By giving staff a variety of locations to complete tasks it helps foster staff interactions which helps to foster engagement within the company.

To discuss how we can help transform your work environment into a cradle of creativity and innovation call or email one of our experts.