Why you should consider partitioning as part of your office fit out

Most businesses decide at some point that they need to consider an office fit out. There are many reasons for this, for example your business is growing rapidly and you need to make the most out of your working environment. Whatever the reason an office fit requires extensive planning and preparation to make sure it is successful.

Initially, think about the current layout of your office environment, can this be improved to maximise productivity? As mentioned proper consideration should be given to office partitioning as part of your office out fit. Think about the traditional open plan office where you would have different departments working within a proximity to each other the sales team primarily on the phone distracting the marketing team who are trying to develop your latest concept. The result, is clear, lower productivity.

To eliminate this problem office partitioning enables you to create separate work environments for your employees, without the expenditure or hassle of constructing permanent partitioning walls.

There are many benefits to using office partitioning, it helps to significantly reduce noise pollution for a phone based department, enabling other departments a quiet environment to think creatively and therefore more productively. The partitions enable everyone to still feel part of the team and allow colleagues to communicate when required as they don’t create completely separate environments, but they still have a degree of privacy.

Another key benefit to using partitioning is their flexibility. They are not permanent! As your business continues to grow so can they layout of your office environment.

There are a variety of different forms of partitioning available, from small partitions between desks to larger glass partitions. If you want to create a separate office, glass partitioning is the best choice as it allows for a greater amount of light to flow through the office creating an impression of spaciousness.

With a wide variety of partitions available and with every business having its own unique specification it is often worth discussing your needs with one of our experts to see how best we can assist you.

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