Why choose glass office partitions in the workplace?

Many businesses require some sort of private office space, whether meeting rooms, to divide different departments or for lockable storage areas. Historically to achieve the desired look businesses would need to build solid walls, which is not only expensive and extremely disruptive to your work environment it is also permanent. In today’s business world, companies need to be able to adapt to their demand, that means being able to change the work environment quickly, effectively and with minimal expense.

Glass office partitions are the answer to every modern dynamic business. They offer a cost effective hassle free alternative to constructing permanent walls within your environment. Glass partitions come in a variety of sizes and finishes meaning that your own specifications can easily be catered for. Glass partitions are also sound proof making them not just aesthetically pleasing to the layout of the room but also practical.

Another major benefit of using glass partitions is their ability to allow for a greater dispersion of natural light throughout the office environment. It is also easy to include a company logo on a frosted part of the glass partition creating both a positive and lasting impression not just on your employees but also with clients.

Glass partitioning allows companies who buy or rent a standard office space the freedom and flexibility to design the internal layout to perfectly meet the needs of the company and employees. One of the major benefits of using glass partitioning is that as your business continues to grow it is easy to change the partitions to suit the new challenges your business faces. For example, creating a new meeting room or a new office to house telephone based employees.


Installation can generally take up to three weeks after your order has been placed. The exact date is decided with you to minimise disruption to your business. As mentioned glass partitions are the cost effective way to innovatively divide any work place environment.

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