What are the benefits of using Glass Partitions?

With the varied amount of styles available, Glass Partitions are becoming an increasingly popular method to divide not only vocational environments such as offices, warehouses or retail outlets but also for domestic use in our homes. Below are three benefits we believe are key to using glass partitions:

Natural Light: Partitions of Glass when used commercially help to maximise the amount of natural light dispersed throughout the office space, particularly when formed from clear plate glass it helps to create an impressive sense of openness. This in turn helps to create a sense of openness throughout the office which will boost the impression of your space to staff & clients.

Cost Efficiency: With increased exposure to natural light, glass partitions help to lower energy costs. They also have a quick and easy installation process which requires minimal to no room modifications, this not only makes glass partitions a cost effective option but also a time effective one too, as future room changes or expansion are easy and simple to undertake.

Privacy: It is often hard to think about creating private areas when using glass partitions in an open office environment. However, when formed from frosted, tinted or coloured glass, glass partitions are extremely effective at creating a private space within the confines of a busy environment. With a busy environment naturally comes noise, glass partitions are effective at reducing noise pollution, with double glazed glass partitions the most effective.

Innovative strides forward in the glass partitions industry has resulted in a wide spectrum of products tailored to your individual spec and needs, from frameless partitions, coloured or tinted to part glass and part plasterboard partitions everyone’s needs are unique. That is why we recommend contacting an expert designer who can fully understand your needs and then recommend the best, relevant product.

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