How to assemble a Creative War Room

A War Room is a creative, idea creation meeting room with an innovative twist. Google Ventures fist developed the concept when they focused on what made them more efficient and then developed their findings until the War Room was born. It has become one of the most essential spaces in their offices and could be yours too, so if your meeting room is not getting used as much as you would like and your staff are not openly creative in the office environment this could be the ideal solution for you!

What problems can a Creative War Room help you solve?

Short Term Memory: unfortunately, our short term memory is not the best, this creates a problem for businesses who involve creating thinking as the need to track idea’s and people can become an almost impossible task. However, the good news is our spatial memory is amazing. This means that putting our ideas into our environment either through sketches, sticky notes or any creative measure makes it easier for us to recall and track.

Physical Ideas > Verbal Ideas: Discussing and agreeing ideas verbally poses problems for businesses, the main one is that they can easily be forgotten. Take advantage of your space, view every wall, door, piece of furniture as a blank canvas ready to develop your ideas.

Clear Understanding: Without referring back to long forgotten emails or ancient spreadsheets, it is often hard to know exactly what an individual has contributed in your team or what they are working towards. By involving your team in a creative process which they physically partake in, it allows for a greater sharing of knowledge.

How to set up a War Room: Let’s start with the walls, glass partitions can be used to create a room of any size or shape. One of the key benefits of using glass partitions is that they are relocatable. They can be placed anywhere in the office environment to help create an open space that promotes productivity. Glass partitions also allow for a higher dispersion of natural light throughout the office making them a more cost effective option.

Furnishing the Room: The war room is to become your new creative hub of productivity; it is where your new ideas will be born. With this in mind, create lots of service area. Include white boards the staple in any creative industry. Idea Paint can be applied to glass partitions so that they double as white boards helping you to maximise your available creative space. Make sure you visualise everything you need reminding of and put these on the walls, deadlines, project tasks, sketches.

Make sure you use every inch of your war room, windows, doors and even the furniture, use sticky notes for these to develop new ideas.

A war room is meant to embody flexibility, With the glass partitions relocatable so should the furniture. Choose light weight furniture to cater for the room’s many needs.

When it comes to decorating the room, which colour you choose is critical, as certain colours are great at helping to increase productivity. Check out this infographic which highlights the impact of colour on ‘emotion in the workplace’.

Get in touch today to discuss your needs and specs to see if we can help deliver the War Room that your business needs!