5 Ways to make a great brand impression with your office

A first impression matters in every aspect of life. Perhaps most importantly in the business world, you usually only have one opportunity to convert your potential business opportunity into a completed deal. All aspects of the business should have a consistent brand approach from the signage outside, the reception and main offices down to the pens used. Creating a powerful brand image will not only help to keep your staff motivated by enhancing productivity it will also evoke positive emotions in clients that will forever be associated with your business.

We have created five sizable steps that will help reinforce the brand identity of your business.

  1. Decide on Branding. Branding is a crucial corner stone in any business, it helps to differentiate yourself from your competition and makes you memorable. If you already have your branding and it is performing well in the market place, make sure you have all the relevant design specification such as, logo and colour palette, as you will need these to keep a consistent brand image throughout your work environment. If you do not have your branding, don’t worry, enlist the help of a graphic designer and start getting creative about how you want the world to view your business.


  1. Create the Floor Plan. It might not seem important at a glance but you can organise your office to enhance the productivity and evoke a positive feeling within the environment. There are a variety of tactics you can use such as the organisations of desks and the use of glass partitions to create a truly unique work space. When planning try and think about what furniture and accessories could be used to reinforce your brand identity, such as desks and plants.


  1. Benefits of Glass Partitions: Glass partitions are the most cost effective way of dividing up your office space. With a wide range of choice from tinted, frosted and coloured panels you can easily create bespoke rooms with a modern aesthetic. You may also want to try adding a glass manifestation which is a decorative film with either your logo or company values to reinforce your brand.


  1. Decorating: Ensuring that you have the relevant design elements such as logo and colour palette means that you can decorate the walls of the office with brand consistency. Make sure the colours used mirror the type of work you do. If you are unsure check out this useful infographic to find out the best colour for your type of work.


  1. Final Touches: Enhancing productivity and evoking positive emotions means that branding the office to the last detail, through pens, desk pads, mugs, having a consistent theme will help to keep the brand identity and ethos of the business on point.


These five manageable steps will help you to create and maintain a consistent brand identity which should help to convert the potential lead into concrete business.

Get in contact today to discuss how glass office partitions can help boost your brand identity and set you apart from your completion.