10 essential tips to consider for a successful office fit out

Your office environment is much more than just a place for your clients and employees to work in.

An office fit out offers businesses a blank canvas which enables you to create a whole new feel and look to your existing business. If you have been given the reins for this exciting project here are 10 essential tips to follow to ensure your office fit out is successful and stress free.

1) Is a fit out really necessary?

Before embarking on an office fit out, which can come with a big financial commitment, take time to properly assess your existing office space. Think about what your current and future needs are, is it big enough to accommodate additional workstations? Will using office partitions help to create the desired office ambience?

2) If your current office does not meet your requirements, find a space that does!

Now this may sound obvious, however construction can present many set backs as well as being extensive and laborious. Before jumping into a new space take some time to properly assess if the environment meets your businesses current and future needs. This will help to save you both time and money.

3) The fit out is right for you! What are the costs of each category?

  • Shell and core fit out, the office will be an empty shell, ready for a Category A fit out.
  • Category A fit out: This comprises of raised floors, finishes to the internal face of external walls along with suspended ceilings.
  • Category B: Is carried out to your specific specifications, it can include construction of, a reception area, kitchen, cellular offices etc.

4) Is the price right?

As we mentioned embarking on an office fit out can be expensive. The best way to eliminate additional costs is to make sure that the initial quote received by the interior designer includes everything. This will allow you to allocate the correct funds to the project. When receiving the quote make sure that it includes,

  • Building assessment
  • Technical plans
  • Construction
  • Material delivery
  • Design brief

5) Plan the fit with your Project Manager carefully!

Make sure you hire a company that specialises in this type of refurbishment and construction, as there is an enormous amount of work associated with each category. To ensure everything runs smoothly meet frequently with your Project Manager and divide the project into a series of steps, this will help to identify which contractors will be used in each step.

TIP: The Project Manager should always be on site to ensure that time scales are adhered to!

6) Take time to plan the interior design

Rushing an office design can be a major problem when carrying out a successful office fit out. Hiring a good interior design company can ensure that your new commercial interiors are consistent with any corporate brand campaigns you are currently promoting. They can also help to give your new office fit out a sophisticated edge. When designing the interior office space ensure that the final appearance correlates with the following;

  • Brand colour
  • Company values
  • Desired appearance
  • Company vision & mottos

7) How will IT and telecoms be migrated?

When relocating to a new office it is essential that you make the transition as seamless as possible to ensure that you don’t inconvenience your existing and potential client base.

Top fit out specialists will know how to migrate your IT and telecoms to your new office without disrupting communications, so when you’re in between two offices its business as usual!

8) Is your new interior legally compliant?

Make sure all new designs follow governmental laws. The guidelines cover areas including,

  • Working space
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Fire alarms & Extinguishers
  • Safe electrical set ups

By adhering to these guidelines you will help to minimise work related illness or accidents and avoid any unnecessary lawsuits or other legal problems in the future.

9) What are the needs of your team?

Don’t assume things about your staff without consulting with them first. The once famous open office of the past has been proven to lower productivity. In the modern World different departments have different needs and requirements for them to successfully complete their jobs. Take some time to find out what these are and how they are likely to change in the future. This will ensure that when the office fit out is completed it will not only impress your clients but also your staff.

10) Are the System Designs efficient?

After you have discussed your team’s needs you will have to think carefully about how the different systems can work together in an optimal manner. It is important to think about the following in an office fit out:

  • Lights & Window positioning
  • Ventilation
  • Air Conditioning units
  • Power plugs & switches positioning
  • Heating

By taking time to consider these 10 essential steps for a successful office fit out you will be able to effectively and efficiently plan and construct your new office with ease. One final point, remember an office fit out is as much about your teams needs as impressing your clients.

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