Glass Partitioning

A reliable and cost-effective way to organise large, open spaces is to use a glass partitioning system. This solution is ideal for projects were you might not own the office, but would still benefit from an enhanced layout.

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Glass Partitioning Gallery

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Reasons to choose Ace Interiors

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  • We cover the whole of East Anglia including: Cambridge, Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire
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Is a glass partition the most suitable approach?

Ace Interiors are experienced in the installation of partitions made of glass, metal and wood. A glass partitioning system is the most common method of adjusting an office layout. However, they are also used to provide practical and aesthetic adjustments to commercial spaces, particularly restaurants, hotels and shops.

Features of glass partitions

Aside from their easiness to install, an Ace-Interiors glass partitioning system also comes with the following benefits:

  • Single and double glazed partitions provide excellent sound insulation.
  • Strict building standards, fire resistance and a professional Ace-Interiors installation ensure glass partitions are a safe addition to most working environments (Call us to check your environment before proceeding).
  • Artificial and natural light flows through a glass partition, enhancing mood and productivity, whilst in some situations reducing energy consumption.
  • A glass partition can provide privacy whilst maintaining transparency in the work place. Frosted glass and operable blinds are great additions where a little more privacy is required.
  • A sleek and sophisticated solution – glass partitioning is professional, impressive and attractive.

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