4 Grand office designs

If you’re planning an office refurbishment, here are some inspirational ideas for 4 companies – renowned for their innovation.  Whether you want to encourage creativity, promote team spirit or increase productivity these out-of-the-box concepts are sure to make you think.

Pixar studios, California

Designer Steve Jobs wanted to encourage collaboration so revamped the original layout of 3 buildings – one for computer scientists, one for animators and the third for everyone else.  Pixar is now a vast open space where everyone mixes.  The complex contains just 2 bathrooms in a central space, purposefully designed to promote interaction, preventing ‘thinkers’ from becoming isolated.

Google HQ

The interiors of the Googleplex are based on the principles of open space and unconventional arrangements.  Its facilities are unrivalled including a gym, laundry rooms, swimming pools, an aquarium, a hair salon and massage chamber.  They allow employees to bring their children and their dogs to work.

Red Bull, London

The building’s entire design as based on the concept of ‘stimulating the body and the mind.’  While it’s not considered particularly work-friendly, features include a high-speed carbon slide that connects 2 floors, floating staircases, and meeting rooms with ping pong tables to arouse the senses and promote imagination.

Lego, Denmark

Lego also designed their HQ around their brand values of Imagination, Creativity, Fun and Caring.  The décor is contemporary with vibrant flashes of lime green, bright yellow, cerise pink creating a fun, cheerful environment.  Complete with interior slide, memorabilia display, laptop bars, think pods, built-in bonsai gardens and giant grass wall graphics.